22_3136 Premium Eclipse Glossy Helmet - Small Shell * Discounted

22_3136 Premium Eclipse Glossy Helmet - Small Shell * Discounted

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In store & In stock - 2022 model with discount for the model year*

Very light, comfortable and beautiful.

Maximum ventilation keeps air flowing (4 vents  in the front and 2 in the back).

Inner pads are removable and washable.  

The strip and triangle are removable and can be customized. 

Vents, triangle and clip are chromed.

The Premium helmet comes in 5 different colors : black, blue, bison, grey and carbon.


Each shell is supplied with a complete set of liners:

1 x SET B “Head circumference pad” that adjusts the shell around the head, thickness depending on the requested size (head measurement).  The back part of this pad is removable to give more space if the rider wants to wear it with hairs inside.

2 x SET A “Top and front pads” thickness 4 and 8 mm, that adjusts the helmet depth and on the front.



Antares liners offer an optimal adjustment to different shapes of head (round or oval)



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