Warranty & FAQ's

Thank you for reaching out, we understand that buying Antares products are a big investment and you want to be 100% certain about your purchase. 


All Antares saddles are warrantied for 5 years on the tree and 2 years on the leather this is limited to manufacturing issues or defects.  Accidents or misuse of the saddles will not be covered through warranty.  

Do you suspect an issue with your saddle? Reach out to us and we will determine the steps to assist your personal needs. 


Please find below a list of frequently asked questions:

Q: Why should we choose EQ? 

A: We get this question a lot when customers are deciding between brands, we are a small business who has chosen to invest in a brand that we love and feel provides the best quality and pricing for our customers.  The team is here to help you at all stages of your purchase.  


Q: Will the leather darken? 

A: Yes! Absolutely. Antares uses only the best quality products, and you will get a beautiful rich colour once oiled.  


Q: How often should I clean, condition and oil my saddle?


Soap : Use after each ride.
Cream : Use once or twice a month.
Oil : Use once or twice a year, without excess.


Q: Sizing; How do I know what size I should be getting for tack?

A: The sizes are true to size.  Cob = size 1, Full = size 2, Oversized = size 3. 

If you receive anything that is the wrong size we are happy to exchange it for you.



Still have a questions for us? Please shoot us an email. 


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